Yumi USA Lash & Brow Academy

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Yumi USA Lash & Brow Academy

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Yumi USA Lash & Brow Academy

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Yumi USA Lash & Brow Academy

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YUMILashes Academy enables beauticians and cosmetologists around the world to build their brands. From starting a new career to owning a business, YUMILashes Academy gives its students the tools they will need to grow and succeed in the beauty industry.

With training courses available throughout the entire U.S., YUMILashes Academy strives to bring the highest quality training in cutting edge beauty innovation.  Enter the world of YUMI and offer the lash and brow treatments with stunning results!

New monthly course dates are now available in a city near you.

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YOU CAN BECOME A YUMI-CIAN TODAY. After joining our academy you will have the skills and knowledge to start a new career, become your own boss, and truly feel part of something amazing! All courses are taught by experienced and certified masters who will help guide you on the revolutionary keratin lash lift treatment using the latest industry techniques. It's time to invest in your future today, and get on the fast track to professional success.

Student Testimonials

By Yumi Lashes Training

It’s not an online course. It is a completely hands-on approach to educating you in the fine art of keratin lash lift treatments. There is simply no substitution for the caliber of training you will receive at YUMILashes Academy.

By Jenny Wilson

Amazing top-notch product and technique. I love using YUMILash Keratin treatment on my clients. They are simply amazed at the results. Thank you to Elysee and her team for the great training!

By Alice Evans

I took this course and have now doubled my business in just a few months. My clients are so happy to be receiving the most up to date lash services in Los Angeles!

By Lily Rivera

“Great training! I love the product and my clients love the results! Highly recommend. Best Lash certification and training in the world!”

By Savannah Griffin

I’ve been working with YUMILashes Keratin treatment for a year and a half and love it. My clients love it too! They keep coming back for the service. Best keratin lift and keratin mascara on the market!

By Sarah Morgan

Such a great investment for my business! The class was intense but super productive. I thought I knew a lot about other lash lift brands, but the YUMILashes class really showed me so many new techniques. Taking this course was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for my studio.

By Eliana Flores

My clients love YUMILash Keratin lash lift treatment! They all come back to book another lift and are simply amazed by the results.

By Anna Hill

“Seriously the best certification course I’ve ever had. YUMILashes is killing it. Thanks again!

By Lucy Taylor

The YUMI lashes brand is amazing! My clients rave about it and I love it too! I took the YUMILashes course with the owner and services are booming. There’s no other product like it!

By Kaylee Anderson

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