Academy Certification Classes

Our YUMILashes Academy courses are held year-round across the country. Our courses cover all areas of our exclusive keratin Lash Lift treatment and Brow Lamination techniques.

Courses are taught by our YUMILashes industry pros with live models provided for demos and firsthand practice in order to teach you the skills necessary to expand your lash artistry. Reserve your spot today.

YUMILashes Academy Private Course Training

Take your artistry to the next level. Choose between our two course paths:

Lash Lift Academy

YUMILashes keratin Lash Lift Treatment is a revolutionary and innovative technique that lifts, curls, and tints your natural lashes. As a trusted leader in the cosmetic and eyelash industry, this course will prepare you with the skills to provide your clients with the latest cutting edge beauty innovation.

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Brow Lamination Academy

Brow Lamination is a new training course being launched in YUMILashes Los Angeles where we train you in the hottest new brow trend. Learn more about our exclusive beauty course with high-quality hands-on training in the fine art brow grooming and take your skills to the next level.

Coming Soon
Classroom education / theory
“It is important to us that our students get the highest-quality training possible which is why our courses are taught in person under the expert guidance of our lash pros. You will learn the ins and outs of our exclusive keratin treatment system and gain a skill set that will help you provide an innovative new service that sets your business apart from your competition. Let us help you take your techniques to the next level.”
Hands on application with (2) live models
“YUMILashes Academy works with live models for demos as well as firsthand practice for students, giving them a chance to work directly with the product under the guidance of our YUMILashes industry pros.”
Tips and tricks from master trainer
“Our Academy courses are taught by YUMILashes experts who will help you fine-tune your skills and techniques through careful guidance. While working alongside you, our lash experts are there to help you gain the skills necessary to provide the best beauty services in the world.”
Training manual
“YUMILashes Academy courses provide you with a training manual to provide you with a comprehensive guide on our products and techniques. After completing our courses you will be ready to elevate your skill set, gain more knowledge, and provide the most cutting edge beauty techniques.”
Certificate of completion
“Once your training has concluded you will receive a certificate of completion to show that you’ve met the professional standards of YUMILashes Academy and are ready to show the world your skill, passion and drive for the beauty industry.”
Professional YUMILashes kit with tools
“YUMILashes Academy believes in the high-quality standard of our keratin treatment products. Students are provided with our exclusive YUMILashes keratin formula to take with them after the course is complete. We also provide a toolkit, at no extra expense, so students can provide the best service for their clients.”
Cancellation Policy
“Due to the high demand for YUMILashes training, we have implemented a cancellation policy. There are absolutely no refunds for the course. Any deposits made for registration are non-refundable. No exceptions. Any student needing to reschedule their training date will incur a $100 rescheduling fee, the second change will be $200. All reschedules need to be made 14 days prior to the class start date. Emergency situations for rescheduling will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but students will still be subject to all rescheduling fees. All balances are due 7-10 days prior to training. This is an automatic charge”


All classes are on a first come first serve basis. An initial deposit of $500 is required to reserve your spot in any of our scheduled classes. Your deposit is applied toward the balance of your tuition but is non-refundable. Please note by breaking payments into two (deposit & balance) this will add an additional $100 to the total price of tuition. All payments can be made via credit card over the phone at (424) 527-1111.

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